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Pringle & Associates specializes in new construction or remodel décor coordination services for homeowners, builders, office contactors and tenants.

Taking a project from a blueprint drawing (dream) and working towards that final goal (moving into a home, office or a retail store) is exciting, but can be very daunting. The Big Picture Design™ principles make sure that all the key design components flow from beginning to end, outside and back in again. From exterior materials, exterior and interior lighting and paint colors, to plumbing fixtures, hardware, flooring and furnishings.

big picture designEveryone has their own particular gift in life. You may be one that can make choices easily and are able to envision your dream completely but simply don’t have time to coordinate it all.

Or, you may be someone whose gift in life lies elsewhere, choices are difficult to make, too time consuming and are causing major stress, the big picture is hard to fathom.

We understand the time involved in the building or remodeling process, and that you have other things in life to do. You can’t just drop everything to build or remodel a home, office, or retail space, you have commitments to work and family.

Together we will find inspiration and create your “style”, whether it’s an office décor based on a favorite work of art or favorite office chair, or a home around a cherished antique, rug or sofa, we’ll capture your own unique interests. We won’t convince you to like something, but rather provide you options based on things you like. Let us do the legwork & coordination to make the right choices for your project and in a timely manner so you avoid construction delays and costly changes.

Whatever your project may be, Pringle & Associates are here to help make it less stressful and an enjoyable creative experience.

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